18KBTU ACDC Solar Aircon

The hybrid ACDC solar air conditioners need no batteries, and only a few PV panels to deliver a huge savings. During the day, when air conditioning is needed the most, you can operate this unit up to 100% by solar panel. At night, you continue to save due to the >SEER 21 rating on this unit. The mini-split air conditioner design allows you to put solar cooling into the area where it's needed the most and avoid the security issues of an unsightly and noisy window unit.

During the day, the system runs primarily on solar power and min. uses zero watt power from the utility company. It can mix with normal AC power when solar power is not enough.


On pure AC power when no free solar energy is used, official AHRI SEER is >21. SEER is "Seasonal EER" and is a way of describing an "average EER" and considers that the system operates under part-load conditions a majority of the time. EER is equal to full-load cooling output in BTUs divided by energy input in watts. Officially, using solar does not change the SEER or the EER. However, if you consider energy input only on the basis of paid energy and don't consider the free solar energy as part of the input, using free energy from 4x 320w solar panels operating at full capacity would result in an EER of approximately 35. Because a system operates at part-load conditions a majority of the time, SEER ratings are typically much higher than EER ratings. If you tested and calculated a SEER value based only on the paid-energy, the numbers would be extremely high. Currently there is no official test standard for testing SEER or EER based on whether or not the energy is paid for.



Keep the inside cool all day for next to nothing in energy costs. Preventing daytime heat build-up also cuts evening cooling costs.


Keep the work area comfortable during business hours for pennies per day. Cool or heat up to 50m².


Compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz power, use it anywhere in the world.


Plug-and-play solar connection

üNo batteries required

üNo grid power required in daytime

The air conditioner can run directly by solar panels during the day without grid connected.

üSolar Power LED Display

The LED display shows solar input power ratio

Advanced Air Design

Waterfall heating, the air is directed down during the heating mode

• An added extra inner louver operates when heating to improve airflow

• Automatically selects the airflow direction, horizontal for cooling and vertical for heating

Cold Air Prevention

To prevent cold air blowing into the room when the unit is first turned on or after the defrost cycle; the indoor fan will remain off until the indoor coil reaches the desired room temperature setting.

Turbo Mode

This feature is designed to run the indoor fan at super high speed to cool or heat the room quickly so that the ambient temperature approaches the pre-set temperature as soon as possible. This allows the unit to unload quicker providing better comfort levels and energy usage

Anti-Corrosion Outdoor Unit

All SuperEn condensing coils have fin stock coated in blue hydrophilic coating giving greater corrosion resistance. All SuperEn condensing units are made from galvanised sheet steel that is then painted for added protection. Stainless steel screws are used throughout.

Better Air Quality and Noise levels

This range of Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners offers several features that improve air quality. All units come standard with filters to remove dust particles. Additional to this, each unit is fitted with – as standard - a photo catalytic filter to remove bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours.

The Solar Hybrid air conditioner comes with seven fans speeds so that you can choose your desired level of air flow from super low to turbo. The auto fan feature enables the on board logic to select the best fan speed based on the indoor temperature and the thermostat set point. The SuperEn Solar Hybrid air conditioner benefits from smart fluid dynamic design; this has dramatically improved airflow through the air conditioner thus reducing indoor noise levels.

Mould and Odour Prevention

When used as an air conditioner and once the unit is switched off the indoor coil is wet and provides a great environment for mould and bacteria to grow. By pressing the X-Fan button on the remote control the indoor fan will continue to run on for 10 minutes after the unit has been switched. This assists in drying out the indoor coil and helps to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria as well as reducing bad odours in the unit.

I Feel

SuperEn Solar Hybrid air conditions come standard with the I-Feel remote control. This clever feature enables the unit to take the temperature reading from where we sense the indoor temperature rather than where the indoor unit senses the temperature. By pressing the “I Feel” button on the remote the room temperature is now recorded from a sensor in the remote control rather than from the unit itself. This gives intelligent temperature control where it is needed and provides a more precise and comfortable environment.

Wide Temperature Operation 

SuperEn air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to operate efficiently from -15 to +52°C.


General   Model HYBRID-ACDC18
  Wall mounted Split

Scope of delivery 1 Air conditioner, 1 Warranty card,

1 Registration card 

Dimensions   Indoor unit size  970x315x235mm
  Indoor unit net weight 14kg
  Outdoor unit size  900x700x350mm
  Outdoor unit net weight  55kg
Electrical   Solar input voltage (DC) 100~300V
  Short Circuit Current 10A
  Recommend solar input  5×320W @ 36V
  AC Power supply 1Ph, 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Performance   Cooling capacity 18,000BTU
  Power consumption - Cooling mode (max.) 1400 W
  Heating capacity 18,000BTU
  Power consumption - Heating mode (max.) 1370 W
Additional   Certificates ETL
Suitable environment -3045
Range of temperature 1632
Outdoor Noise <50 db(H)
Indoor Noise 44/39/37 (H/M/L)
Refrigerant R410A


Product Overview
18KBTU ACDC Solar Aircon