12KBTU ACDC Solar Aircon

The new SuperEn Solar Hybrid Inverter technology allows you to harness the natural and free energy from the sun to help you run your solar Air Conditioning unit.

You could save up to 97% on your mains power usage with the SuperEn Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner system, plus it’s easy to install and use so you can get started on saving money and lowering your energy usage with no hassle.

The solar panels are wired directly into the outdoor unit by your installer, this means no additional invertor required. Once the system is set up, simply switch on and enjoy.

During the day, the system runs primarily on solar power and min. uses zero watt power from the utility company. It can mix with normal AC power when solar power is not enough.


üStay Cool or Warm without the huge energy bills. 

üPays for itself, in energy savings alone, within 7 months of running time.

üRuns automatically between both Solar DC Power and 240V AC Mains. 

ü12000 BTU Performance without costing the earth.

üAs the sun goes down it transitions over to the mains power supply.

üComes with a 5 Years Warranty.

üRated to cool or heat around 20-40 square meters.

üFilters pollen particles from the air and can also dehumidify your space.

üHelps to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions back at the power station.

üHighly efficient and feature packed 3.5kW split system.

üUses 1kW of solar panels (typically 4 x 260W panels in series).

The system will automatically pull from the solar panels or the grid depending on the current sunshine levels, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted heating or cooling as the system changes seamlessly with no input required from the user.

System Diagram

Do not like regular DC-Inverter air conditioners, the NEW ACDC12 & ACDC18 compressor runs on DC power directly from solar power during the day. With the Intelligent Power Management technology this system accept DC power directly from solar panels, without needing an inverter, controller, or batteries. During the night time, the air conditioner works like a normal

DC Inverter type air conditioner

During the day, the ACDC12 & ACDC18 can get all of its power from solar resulting in an efficiency above SEER 35 when using four >/= 260W solar panels. The unit can be connected with up to 300V/10A solar DC power. The system is designed for hybrid operation with solar providing all of the energy needed during daylight hours. This air conditioner can be connected only by solar panels during daytime, and to a 220/240VAC power source at night time.

Full day of using solar power 


Function Cooling/Heating
Capacity Cooling Btu/h 3071-12966
Heating Btu/h 3753~13306
Electric Data
Power Supply Solar Only V DC 100~300V DC Max.10A
AC power connected V AC 220~240V(50/60Hz)
Power Input Cooling W 970
Heating W 1028
EER Cooling W/W 3.8
COP Heating W/W 3.7
SEER Cooling Btu/h/W 22
HSPF Heating Btu/h/W 11
Airflow Indoor unit M3/h 630
Noise (H/M/L) Indoor unit dB(A) 42/37/34
Outdoor unit dB(A) 52(H)
Dimension & Weight
Body Dimension (WxDxH) Indoor unit mm 850x300x198
Outdoor unit mm 800x545x315
Package Dimension (WxDxH) Indoor unit mm 900x370x270
Outdoor unit mm 920x620x400
Net Weight / Gross Weight Indoor unit Kg 11/13
Outdoor unit Kg 47/50
Solar Power Data
No. of Solar Panels Watt 4 × 260W @30V
Max. Array Open Circuit Voltage V 300
Short Circuit Current A 10
With Solar Power of 1000 watts
Electric Power Input Rate Cooling W 0/0/0
L/M/H Heating W 0/0/28
Energy Saving Cooling W 99%
Heating W 97%




Product Overview
12KBTU ACDC Solar Aircon