Solar Panels Grades

What is the major difference between Solar Panels Grades?

 Put simply the following defines the difference in panel grades.

 Cell Purity and Consistency

  • Cell Matching
  • Your panel is only as good as your least efficient cell.

    A GRADE panels, as the name alludes to have the best of both. Very pure cells, good consistency and the cells are matched to ensure maximum output. The panel’s cells all look a similar colour and you do not get the large discoloured patches like on the lower grade panels. Consistent and even looking colour across the panel is a good indicator of A Grade panels.

    B GRADE panels normally have an inconsistent colour across the panel. This “speckled” look is a strong indication that the cells are not as efficient as their A grade counterparts. This is due to the inconsistency in the purity of the cells and the bad matching of the cells. Because the panels are only as efficient as their least efficient cells, the panel does not harvest as much sunlight into power as the same size and effective “watts” A grade panel.